Admin Guide

This document covers day to day content management tasks including adding, editing or deleting various content such as pages, news articles and team members. For general WordPress information please refer to

General Tips & Trick

Creating New Pages

The easiest way to create a new page is to duplicate an existing page (choose one with a similar layout to the new one you want to create) using the “Copy to a new draft” button in the admin toolbar and then editing the new page. Once updated don’t forget to publish the new page.

Editing Pages

An easy way to edit a page is by browsing the site while logged in to WordPress and then clicking the Edit Page link in the admin toolbar while viewing the page you want to edit.

Content Styling

Most content is styled using the basic WYSIWYG editor with Heading 2, Heading 3, Paragraphs and bold tags. Font styles, sizes and colors are applied automatically by the frontend templates. Please look to existing pages and content for examples of different content styles.

Page Builder

The site uses a page builder called WP Bakery Page Builder in order to create block based responsive page layouts. If required documentation on this page builder can be found here: and video tutorials here:

Optimizing Image File Sizes

Images can be optimized and file size reduced when saving from applications like Adobe Photoshop. A 65% JPG for example is a good compromise between quality and file size for photographic images.

To compress images that were not already optimized or to further reduce file size the free tool at is recommended.


Pages are used to create nearly all the site content except for the News posts.

There are several key pieces required when creating or editing a page.


This is the main page title that appears in the hero area.


This is the optional sub heading text that appears below the main heading in the hero area.


The URL of the page. This is generated automatically but can be edited manually if necessary.

WP Bakery Page Builder (Page Content)

This is the actual content of the page and is built using the WP Bakery Page Builder tool. Each page contains multiple sections, each comprised of rows, columns and blocks that make up the content layout. For information on using the WP Bakery Page Builder please refer to the documentation here:


The publish section contains several settings including visibility for the page (public, password protected or private) with public being the default setting for pages on the site. Setting the Published date for a page to a time in the future will hide the page from visitors until that date, after which it will become visible on the site.

Page Attributes

Here you can set where in the navigation that a page will appear. Leaving this set as (no parent) will exclude the page from the main navigation.

Featured Image

This is the image that will be used as the background for the hero banner on the page. These images should have a roughly 1:1 aspect ratio. Vector images should be uploaded in .SVG format and raster images should be uploaded as either .JPG or .PNG with a size of around 1000px by 1000px in order to properly scale at all screen resolutions. See Optimizing Image File Sizes under the General Tips & Tricks section.

Media (Images, Documents, Videos)

Media assets including images, documents and videos can be managed via the the Media page.

Adding links to a PDFs uploaded to the Media section

If you would like to link to a PDF or other file in the media section you can get the URL for that document by browsing to it in the Medea section and then copying the File URL from the right hand details column. You can then use this URL to link to the document when adding a link or button to a page.