About Us

Calgary Aggregate Recycling Inc. has a 30 year legacy. Our company is committed to community stewardship and that is why we are focused on building a sustainable future through CAR.

With our customers, team and community driving every decision we make we know more great things are to come.


Our customers are a driving force for how CAR operates and we strive to improve your experience and anticipate your needs at every turn. Our scales are government inspected and approved and our highly equipped technology ensures shorter wait times and accurate volume measures.

In the last three years we have improved efficiencies to have your load and dump times complete in under 7 minutes. You don’t wait around at CAR.

We want to make your day run a little smoother!
Using recycled material directly impacts the environmental footprint of a construction project.

Our commitment to reducing the carbon footprint is matched only by that of our customers who are on the ground, taking steps to improve our community, one project at a time.

Mission & Values

Offer an efficient (economical) option to reduce carbon emissions by diverting construction waste and contaminated soil from landfills and recycling it into top quality construction and landscaping products.


In the last 3 years, CAR has diverted over 750,000 tonnes of clean soil material, concrete, and asphalt rubble from landfill, recycling them for reuse. The soil reuse facility will have the capacity to process an additional 600,000 tonnes of contaminated and mixed debris soil without negative impact to our current recycling capabilities.   Annually, CAR could channel more than 1.25 million tonnes of material from Calgary and area landfills, simultaneously creating high-quality sand and aggregate products for reuse with a total net reduction in GHG emissions